You can vote in the Municipal elections

We have the municipal elections in Finland on the 13th of June 2021.
The most important matters of Tampere are decided by the Tampere city council, which has 67 members. The municipal elections are arranged every fourth year. I´m one of the candidates on the list of the Finnish Socialdemocratic Party, SDP.
You will receive the notice of the right to vote. If not, contact the Local Register Office (maistraatti).
When you go to vote, keep an identity document with you. Take also the notice of right with you.
You can find SDP´s election manifesto on the SDP´s website.
In Tampere the most important question is to tackle the huge long-term unemployment, specially the youth unemployment. We soc.decomrats want to keep everyone aboard. No one should be excluded.
Maybe you have heard about the ”sote” -reform which has been planned. It means that social and health care services are moved from the municipalities under the new regional level governance. It means that ca. 50 % of municipalities incomes will be used on regional level. It will be a very big change, if our parlament decides to carry out the project.
What remains in Tampere? The most important thing is the education. Also cultural services remain. And the future Tampere should promote the local businesses such as the tourism. In the beginning of this summer we shall konow if Tampere wins the nomination of Europe´s cultural capital 2026.
I would very much appreciate if you want to ask me and discuss more about politics. You can leave me a message via this page or fb-page. I´m also in twitter @AuliKorhonen as well in Linkedin.
Let´s keep in touch – and vote on the 13th of June – or in advance  26.5. -8.6.

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