Codes of Conduct and International Labour Standards

In today´s globalized economic environment, the emergence of a social role for enterprises tells us about the demands that both states, trade union organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and single consumers put to the production. Ethical production and consumtion are more and more often demanded in public discussion all other the world, in late times also here in Finland.

What does a code of conduct mean?

You can speak about the subject on company level and also as a part of social dialogue which means discussions and agreements with labour market partners, the employers´ and the workers organizations.

We want to know in what kind of circumstances the products are made.

The main basic for all codes of conduct – should be the ILO basic conventions, and now I´m talking as a representant of the worker´s and trade unions.

The ILO conventions are f.g.

OECD guidelines –

Business for social responsibility -intren. Chamber of commerse

Social labelling -rugmark

Clean Clothes Campaign

NGOs -IEPCE ethical consumption and producttion

SA8000 standard

Codes of conduct – at what level: on company level -intern monitoring

As a part of social dialogue -extern monitoring

How fa back in the supply chain shold the codes apply

The question of realiability

What does the monitoring process consist of?

How to make codes transparent?

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